Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy {late} Valentine's Day...

I had high hopes on this V-day post--making it all extravagent & what have you,
but an epic fail on my part (or should I say my camera's part)
since the pics I took came out just short of horrific...
(one day I'll will learn how to use a camera or
find one that is good)...
We did have a pretty good day however...
(even without men in our lives)

homemade Valentine's for Jake's school

festive nails

(like i said..they really are cuter than they look)

delicious cake pops

...pretty much the hott new bakery treat

(munched up cake+frosting+chocolate+sprinkles=a whole lota yummy goodness)




Brenda said...

I know I read this post earlier and I don't know why I didn't comment because I love it all. I wish I had the energy to get into the hoilday spirit! Good job! I especially love your nails!

shelly said...

You are an amazing mom! Love how you went all out for the holiday. Can't wait to see what you are going to do for Halloween and Christmas!

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