Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tagged By Ashley

I have to answer all questions in ONE word:

1)Where is your cell phone? diaperbag
2)Your hair color? blonde
3)Your mother? superwoman
4)Your father? genius
5)Your favorite thing? beach
6)Your dream last night? peaceful
7)The room your in? bonus
8)Your hobby? scrapbooking
9)Your fear? unprepared
10)Your dream/goal? house
11)Where do you want to be in 6 years? living
12)Where were you last night? work
13)What your not? quiter
14)One of your wish list items? convertible
15)Where you grew up? BYU
16)The last thing you did? hair
17)What you are wearing? makeup
18)Your t.v.? static
19)Your pet? nope
20)Your computer? slow
21)Your mood? content
22)Missing someone? always
23)Your car? clean
24)Something you're not wearing? shoes
25)Favorite store? Target
26)Your summer? Awesome
27)Love someone? Jake
28)Favorite color? Yellow
29)Last time you laughed? hour
30)Last time you cried? monday

Bend It Like Beckam

While my parents were in Mexico, they picked up these cute little soccer outfits for Jake, Brooklyn, and Aubrey. They loved watching our little super star, Chelsey in action.

Photo Shoot

Usually Jake is not very good at holding still when getting his pictures taken, but this time we got lucky.

Brad Comes Home!!

After two years on his mission to Mexico City, Mexico, Jakes uncle who he has never seen before finally comes home. What a reunion it was!