Friday, October 29, 2010

Crazy Campbell Clan

"We may not have it all together...but together we have it all."
(my mother may kill me when she sees this...
in that case I will miss you all...xoxo)

Halloween-Part One

Today Jake's school had a Halloween Parade, complete with plenty of awesome costumes, lots of pictures, marching around the halls (or chillin in a wagon while your teacher pulls you), and of course, trick-or-treating.

We pretty much have to super glue that hat to his head or he will take it off immediatly
Smootching with grandma
(closed eyes and everything...what a pro)

Decisions, decisions...

Are we having fun yet?

(stay tuned for Halloween Part 2...
I will be in costume for this one...
I know your killing over in excitment)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Conference Trip

Hola mi amigos!!
I realize it's been quite some time since I posted, and my only excuse is that I have no camera...
usually I use the parentals but "someone" decided to go and lose the memory card,
and therefore we haven't taken any pictures in a while...
which is a total bummer because this past weekend was full of amazing memories
that I wish I could have stored somewhere other than my brain.
But I will try to do this post justice using only words to capture the
essence of just how awesome this weekend really was.
-flew to SLC, Utah
-Went to Salt Lake Temple
-site seeing
-Dinner @ "The Roof"
(if you've never been you must go before you's amazing...expensive, but amazing)
-Joseph Smith movie @ the Memorial Bldg.
(cried my eyes out)
-Dance @ Studio 600
(not so much worth the $10 bucks we paid to get in)
-General Conference
(Kandice and I were lucky enough to sit about 12 rows
from the front thanks too Uchdtorf's body guard who is a
family friend of the Smith's and Winn's)
-Work the corner haggling people for tickets
(quite an experience...let me tell ya)
-more shopping
(surprising, I know)
-Dinner @ Zuppa's
(Utah's version of Corner Bakery)
-games, swimming, ice cream, staying up way to late, etc...
-more haggling people for tickets
(we held up a sign that said "Will Choose the Right for Tickets")
-General Conference
-Reunion of family and friends...
Brad, Kellie, Dane, Holly, Dave, Shelley...
-group photo
-ward testimony meeting
-"California here I come,
right back where I've started from"
(I could barely wait to see Jake)
I was so lucky to get to go on this trip with the singles ward...
it was the most spiritual, uplifting, fun, sleep deprived, awesome,
rewarding weekend I've had in quite some time.
Favorite Quote from Conference:
"We become what we want to be, by consistently being what we want to become."
-Elder Scott

Monday, October 4, 2010


Found this lovely gem while going through some old photos today...