Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jake and uncle Brendan

Jake's aunt and uncles love playing with Jake (in fact, every night Brendan, Braden, and Chelsey fight over who gets to sleep with him). They especially like tickling him cause his laugh is so cute. Sometimes they get a little carried away though as you'll see.

Jake Turns One!!!!!

Yesterday Jake turned a year old. It has gone by so... fast. He is growing up so quick and getting smarter and cutier every day. He was pretty funny eating his cake and icecream at his b-day party. He loved the cake and devored a whole piece by himself, the icecream on the other hand took a while to get used to because it was a little cold for him.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Little Stud

Jake started doing this thing when he smilies where he squints his eyes a's soooo cute and I finally was able to get him doing it on camera. However, I apoligize that this video is a little bit long(hopefully you guys don't get bored), and my little bro is the camera man so that's why it's a bit shakey. Also, Jake has been shaking his head NO a lot when he doesn't want a certain food, or when you ask him questions like if he's going to be a good boy, etc., and it's pretty cute but of course when I put him in front of the camera he doesn't do it. I'll keep trying though.