Monday, April 19, 2010

Ha Ha...Very Funny

Any one else's kids laugh so hard they fall over???(please say yes)
Anywho...of course he only did that when I wasn't videoing but it was pretty hilarious...sorry you missed it.
This is close enough... video


Cal said...

Soo fun! I think my mom just got Klein that same ball. Hopefully one day he'll enjoy it as much as Jake does!

Bradley with a B said...

Awesome! Put some more videos up! Those are great!

p.s. why dont you put some clothes on that kid :)~

Love you guys!

Ashley Webb said...

I love that he wears clothes almost as much as my girls do. Can't wait to see him soon and squeeze the heck out of him!! Oh and I'm glad you're back to the blog - we've missed you! :)

Chris, Michelle, and the girls said...

Love that Jakey boy!!! He is the cutest!