Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tagged by Ashley

Six Random Things...

1) If I could live anywhere my little heart desired it would be right on the beach. Preferably in a mansion, but I'd take whatever I could get.

2) I can't whistle. Never been able to and probably never will be.

3) I enjoy researching and studying about different serial killers (I know I'm weird, it's just very interesting to me)...if fact my dream job would to be a criminal profiler for the FBI.

4) The clothes in my closet are color ordered. It drives me crazy if they get mixed up.

5) I walked when I was only 8 months old. Too bad the age you start walking at has nothing to do with your skills later on in life :)

6) I made it through college without getting a single "F" (which is really good for me because I'm not the best student).


Brenda and Bryan said...

You are so cute! By the way I love watching those shows about serial killers. I find it interesting too.

Ashley Webb said...

Love the new background! And the post about all of Jake's faces was hilarious! And I already knew all of your random facts, but it was still fun. :)