Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Many FACES of JAKE

the "it wasn't me" face

the "I dare you to pull my thumb out"

the "what were you thinking" face

the "can a kid get some food around here" face

the "can we go now" face

the "I'm so over this" face

the "life is great" face
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the "dude let me sleep" face


karen said...

so cute !! i can't believe he's growing up already. .

The Griffins said...

SO cute!! His I'm ready to go now is my favorite :)

BubbaandM said...

He is so adorable. It is awesome that you are able to catch the different expressions he makes!

Mandy Coffey said...

lol cute post!

Callie said...

I've got the funniest picture of one of jakes "faces". I still need to show you! He's so sweet.

Rick and Jenny Runyan said...

haha I love it! Isn't it fun how their facial expressions are worth a million words? They may be little but they have big personalities! What a fun little boy he is!

Michelle, Chris, and Hallie said...

The "can we go now face" looks like you Britt!

Kellie Nicole Winn said...

very cute!!! I love it and can't wait to see you guys... I come home in three weeks... yay!!!

Jaime said...

The I'm so over this face looks like his Aunt Evie. LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow this is the cutest picture set ever! Your Jake is the most adorable little boy ever. Thanks for going running/walking with me yesterday. I enjoyed it. I need to run more often...maybe. Hope to see you soon.