Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Evie's Volleyball Banquet

This is a ceremony that completely baffled me. Evie's whole team got together to celebrate a winless season. Celebrating a coach so dumb that she didn't even play my Aunt Evie very much, and whose second string consistantly ouprfomed her first string, and yet remained the second string. Oh well, if I were the coach I would have doe better. But it was fun to watch, aunt Evie looked real pretty, and hearing the awards ceremony was pretty funny, since, with the exception of Brooky and Thuy, all of the awards given out were totally bogus. And, of course, who could forget Uncle Bryan, showing up in a t-shirt and jeans, when it was supposed to be semi-formal, that guy is awesome!

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Mandy Griffin said...

FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! go evie! Jacob is getting soooo big!