Monday, July 26, 2010

Express Yourself

Ever wonder what kids are thinking when you see their facial expressions in pics?...
I do.

Especially my own child who can't express himself in words yet...

he tells me a lot just by a certain face he makes.

Which is why I've decided to share some of my insight (3 years worth)...

since I'm pretty sure I've somewhat mastered the art of face reading

(ever seen the show "Lie to Me" ?)...

I so wish I could have that job...


this is the interpretion of what these little ones are thinking

as my sister and I tried desperatly to get some good snapshots of ALL 3 of them...

(as you'll see later, that's easier said than done)

"Being tickled to death by Chelsey is oh, so much fun!"

"Just take the stupid picture already

before my smile gets any cheeiser"

Jake: "Why is this chick strangling me?"

Aubrey (left): "I wonder if grandma knows there's a bee on her"

Brooklyn (right): "This is about as fun as watching snow melt..."

Jake: "Dang this chick really likes me."

Jake: "Maybe if I close my eyes really tight these
crazy girls all over me will disapear..."

Aubrey: "I wonder if Jake knows there's a spider about to crawl on him."
Jake: "How yooouu doing?"
Brooklyn: "Are we done yet?"

Jake: "Nope...still not working..."