Monday, June 22, 2009

Jake's 2nd Birthday

Jake's birthday fell on Father's Day this year but we celebrated it on Saturday with my family. Jake had a blast eating cake and opening up all his cool presents.

Birthday Boy!

Not as exciting as last year, but hey

thoroughly enjoying his cake

It's my party...and I'll cry if I want to (he ran out of cake)

Jake with uncle Brad

giving Brad's girl friend Kellie a smooch

very interested in his presents

what the ?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just For Fun...

I was going through some old photos the other day of my siblings and I when we were little...I love doing that for some reason, and these were some of my favorites:

Braden with baby Chelsey

Little bros Brendan and Braden--love the classic wave

little sis Chelsey (around age 4-Catalina Island)

Me (around age 3)

Brittany, Ashley, and baby Brad

Brittany, Brad, Ashley, Brendan

Me and Ashley...I wouldn't let her suck her thumb so that's why I am grabbing her hand, and that's also why she's not too happy about it.

"Mini Me"

Everyone is always telling me how much Jake looks like my little brother Braden, and I never really realized how much it was true until I was going through some old pics of Braden the other day and found these...see for yourself the resemblance.




The Future Jake

He looks a little bit like me doesn't he?

Photo Shoot

"How YOU doing?"

American Boy

checking out the flag before ripping it...(don't tell grandma)

he likes to live life on the edge

Saturday, June 13, 2009

And the Winner Is...

So the World's Worst Mom Contest is this week and let me tell you why I SUCK at life and deserve to win the award...ok so my child is sick and so I go to the store to get some cough medicine and come back and open the bottle up only to find out it's for kids 6 and up. Lovely. (I'm fairly certain they don't make cough syrup for 2 year olds.)

Then yesterday Jake developed red SPOTS all over his legs and arms (it looks a little like hives) and I haven't the slightest clue how to get rid of them or if it's a big problem. So did I call the doctor like most normal, good parents would?

And lastly...Jake's birthday (the BIG 2) is in a week and I have NOTHING, and I mean nothing planned for it. So don't feel bad if you didn't get an invitation...cause no one did. Nor do I have a present or anything. It's a good thing he doesn't know or care too much that his mom is a big dork. I am such a slacker lately. What the crap is wrong with me?