Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Around the House

Every year my mom goes above and beyond to make our home all cute and Christmasey.
Hopefully one day my house will be this cute at Christmas time...

One of the Campbell Family traditions is to make gingerbread houses a few days before Christmas...they turned out really good but took almost three hours to make. The one on the left is mine, middle is cousin Callie's, and right one is Chelsey

Some cute home decor

My mom's famous "mini houses" (they only take about 60 hours to set up)

This pic doesn't quite do it justice...but it really is beautiful at night.

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Ashley Webb said...

Thanks for making me TOTALLY home sick. Wish I could have been there so my kids could have eaten your gingerbread houses, broken mom's mini-houses, and ripped ornaments off the Christmas tree. But seriously, wish I could have been there. Miss you.