Friday, September 25, 2009

How Do I Love Thee...Let Me Count the Ways...

1. Your melt my heart, chocolate eyes

2. How patient you are with me when I take you on my ridiculously long shopping excursions.

3. That stubborn, leave me alone while I suck my thumb to comfort myself, face.

4. How you eat everything I put in front of you--even fruits and veges (now how many parents can say their kids do that?)

5. The way your face lights up when you see me after a long separation.

6. How you are ticklish on every square inch of your adorable body...and the hilarious laugh that comes with each touch.

7. Your chubby cheeks, hunky love handles, darling dimples, infectious smile, and sweet spirit.

8. The way you cuddle up with me on the couch when your tried.

9. How much you are learning and growing everyday and patiently enduring through your developmental trials.

10. I love knowing that I get to have you forever...


Chris, Michelle, and the girls said...

Okay, make me cry! Jake is so special. And you are such a great Mom, Britt. I love you. Can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving. (We'll be in town I hope you will be too).

Kristi Sexton said...

This is so sweet! You totally made me tear up. Jake is so cute, and you are a fantastic mom for him. You are blessed to have him "forever"!

Ashley Webb said...

Reasons we love Jake:
1.) He is good at eating Oreos. hahah - I have a picture to prove it.
2.) 2 words: sacrament. meetings. Never a dull moment.
3.) My kids are obsessed with him. Even if Aubrey won't let him touch her. She's a brat.
4.) We bonded over our 3 am car ride up and down and up and down our street when you guys came to visit.
5.) He's the only one that will let me cuddle him!
6.) We just do!! Love you buddy!

brittany said...

ahhh... thanks for those commnets...soooo sweet.