Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Chelsey!

So my not so little sister Chelsey turned the big 11 over the weekend and we of course had a pool party for her (and 20 of her crazy friends). My mom went all out as usual on the invitations, decorations, cake, etc. It was a summer/flip flop theme and the colors were bright orange, hot pink, and lime green. It was a blast!

Birthday Girl

these only took about 87 hours to make

my part in the party was making these yummy treats

some pool game fun

My mom's wonderful decorating skills came in handy on the cake and my multi-talented aunt Debbie fashioned the bow in about 30 seconds flat.

the gang

goodie bags


Jeremy and Steph said...

Brit-You are amazing. I can't believe those cookies. Lucky girl to have such a fun party and such a sweet sister and mom. Jake is adorable.

Ashley Webb said...

Wow Britt! Even better than I had pictured. I can't believe those invitations - and I bet you didn't even put a dent in mom's ribbon supply. :) I wish I could have been there to help. Maybe next year...

Brenda, Bryan, and Chelsey said...

How fun! All the ideas are so cute. I should get you guys to help me plan my Chelsey's 1st birthday party.

Milius said...

Wow! I'm amazed at all you guys did for that party - how fun! Those sandal cookies look amazing too!

Kellie Nicole Winn said...

awww... how fun... wish I could have helped :) but it looks like it turned out great!!!!