Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jake's Special Visitors

Although being in the hospital was nothing short of horrific, our time spent there seemed to go faster and be better when family came to visit. Especially when Jake's cousin's Brooklyn and Aubrey came. Brooklyn was very confused at why Jake was locked in a cage with tubes coming out of his body, but she was so sweet and gave him plenty of hugs to make him feel better.


Mandy Coffey said...

OH MY GOSH brittany what happened?! Poor jake! Is mommy ok too though?

Ashley Webb said...

I just showed Brooklyn the pictures and she still made her sad, confused face when she saw all the tubes! She yelled Jake's name as soon as she saw him, and I didn't have to tell her it first! Yea, that whole experience was pretty horrific, but I'm glad we were there too. Love you guys... give the little guy a squeeze!