Thursday, April 17, 2008

My dad has been a slacker!

Hello everyone! It's adorable little Jake here once again. My dad has been a bit of a slacker but lucky for him he has an amazing sister, who also happens to be my favorite Aunt Brenda, who is willing to pitch in and get my cuteness out there. Today she is just going to post some pictures of my adorableness, but she will keep you all updated.

Here I am at Grandma's house chillin' in my chair.

This is when I met my dad's Aunt Connie. She fell in love with me like everyone else.

This is a picture of when I went to go visit Grandpa at work. He let me try and drive the cart, but my feet wouldn't reach the pedals. Maybe when I'm a little older.

This is a picture of when I went to visit Grandma at work. As you can see I sit up really good now!

So Brenda will keep you posted. Let her know if you have any requests!

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