Sunday, December 23, 2007


There are a few things in this world that just should never happen, things like snow in California (Southern California, a.k.a. the real California), Hillary Clinton being elected (to anything), midgets playing in the NBA, and a few other things that just kind of shake the bedrock of the foundation of our whole society, and the way that the world should work. For UCLA fans this happened last night in Las Vegas, when BYU beat UCLA 17-16. Now in all honesty, this was not a shock, even hard core UCLA fans kind of knew that we didn't have a chance in the world of winning this game, BYU just had a better team, but that didn't make the loss any easier to take, especially since BYU had the audacity to give us the one thing that would hurt us the most: hope. Not only did they flaunt their superiority by not even attempting to score in the second half, and by fumbling the ball right before the half giving UCLA an easy touchdown, they rubbed it in by allowing UCLA to score a 50-yard field goal, bringing the game within one. They did all of this knowing full well that they would be able to block our field goal, even though our kicker had only missed a couple the entire season. To make it worse, they let us get well into field goal range with only a couple of seconds on the clock, and with the knowledge that if we made the field goal we would win. And while I applaud their courage, I am slightly appauled that they would do something so cruel. But in BYU's defense, it did make the game a lot more interesting than if they would have just destroyed them. Anyways, to all you cougar fans out there (I know you're reading this), rock on, BYU proved that they deserved to be ranked, and hopefully they will start out in a decent ranking next year, rather than having to fight their way back from the bottom like they have to do every year. Even when they weren't playing their best football, they beat a Pac-10 school, who always seems to get the benefit of the doubt in the rankings, even though they're really a volleyball, basketball, softball, track, lacrosse, water polo, soccer, etc. school, not a football school. Just a request though, if you are going to beat us next year, at least beat us soundly, so that we don't get all excited that we might win, only to have our hopes and dreams dashed to pieces by the large forearm of one of your big Samoan linemen.

The "Festival of Lights" at the Wild Animal Park

Friday, December 21, 2007

Volleyball News!!!

Well, as some of you may or may not have heard from the ridiculously less popular blog ( that my parents set up, my dad's team won the championship for the Fountain Valley City League that he was playing in. You may also have heard that my dad (the ball hog) led the team in kills ...whoopie. But I bet what you didn't hear about was the gross misconduct and discrimination that kept them from playing the best player on their team...ME! For some reason my dad thinks that it is a requirement that you be able to walk to play volleyball, and because of that ridiculous reason, yours truly sat on the bench and watched them demoralize the other team. Now I love a good volleyball game as much as the next 6 month old, but honestly, who in their right mind would sit me!?! I'm beginning to doubt my dad's coaching abilities. They're just lucky that they won, or my dad would never have heard the end of it. Anyways, as a support to my cause, I have posted here pictures of me in my volleyball warm-ups, and I invite all of you loyal fans to leave comments, to let my dad know what a dummy he is for not playing me. Thank you for all of your support, I hope that next season I have some better news to share with you.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

I've got a new cousin!!!

For those of you who had not heard, there is now one more person lucky enough to be able to say that they're related to me. My Aunt Ashley just gave birth to an adorable (I haven't seen her yet, but since she is related to me, I think it's a pretty safe bet) baby girl on the 6th of December.